(Smart solutions for intelligent building solutions LTD) provides complete solutions for the intelligent building automation. We are a technology company which designs and carry out its own projects, We deliver custom solutions in order to meet efficiently and rapidly a customer requirements. Our product range includes inter-connected electronic hardware components for controlling, inspecting and monitoring the automated devices within a building such as lighting, heating, air-conditioning, doors and locks, video surveillance, different sensors and detectors like movement, smoke and other electrical and electronic devices. A software, perfectly fitting our electronic devices architecture, provides an efficient and comfortable way to handling of an entire network at home or everywhere from the internet using a PC or mobile device such as Smart Phone, IPhone or PDA. Via an intuitive graphical user interface any private person as well as business customers can easily monitor and control their automated home or building.

Our Vision

Composition of successful working relationships based on trust, accuracy and evolution..

Our Team

Who’s behind our success?

Our team is a group of individuals, working with each other, in order to achieve specific and common goals, are characterized by the existence of complementary skills with each other, where the team combines common goals, and one purpose everyone seeks to achieve,


The Reliability in Our Company


Approved company by license No. 9862-2014 & Commercial Register No. 4505


Networking and Communications Engineering


Information Technology Engineering


Extensions and artwork Engineering


CCNA & Wireless Management Solution


Ip surveillance with ACTI company

Why Our Services is the best?

We provide clients with design and engineering services to manage and optimize buildings and energy. Our value lies in our expertise in integrated design of multiple, proprietary systems, thereby.



Over the years, SMART SOLUTIONS have created a network of valuable key partners, establishing long-standing relationships with each of them. Each partner represents a prestigious brand in their respective field of industry, with a worldwide, outstanding reputation. And through these partnerships, SMART SOLUTIONS aims to provide its clients with additional benefits and services throughout their needs.