Our Services

We provide building owners and developers with buildings and communities that are easier to manage, operate and meet their environmental and financial objectives.

Our value lies in our thorough understanding of a rapidly changing market, products and solutions, understanding of all facets of building systems and delivery infrastructure, and our independence from manufacturers and vendors. Our experience encompasses integrated design of infrastructure, building and facility systems, communications, business systems and technology solutions that contribute to sustainability and operational efficiency.

Mohammed Alsadey | CEO


The major services carried out by our company


Carry out the smart buildings infrastructure for extenders of communications and data centers.


Carry out technical infrastructure systems and networks of the buildings.


Provide and equip the buildings with protection and safety systems (Monitoring systems – Anti-Theft systems – Fire extinguishing alarm systems).


Technical and advisory services in accordance with the design of modern systems.


Implementation of Electronic & Digital equipment acts.


Supply and sale of all protective equipment and network equipment and communications.


The company most valuable principle is to obtain customers and clients satisfactions by continuous improvement while defining targets and looking forwards to exceed their expectations.


  • Provide administrative modern technologies for buildings, homes and shops, according to the latest technologies.

  • Provide technical after sales support for all the Services provided by us.

  • Provide technical advice in the fields of networking, communications and Protection Systems.

  • Implementation acts in the shortest possible time with precision in execution.

Why Choose Us?

We are skilled and specialize in providing inspection services and engineering consultancy, and where we harness these skills to you the highest quality of service regularly and effectively and continuously at all times.

We believe that our customers’ service quality is not as important as the quality of our own so we give priority is always to our customers to help them in choosing the best and most appropriate services that meet their needs and with close follow up to make sure they are at the top of satisfaction with the service and effectiveness.

When looking for the services you need, you need to understand your needs and to meet them credibility, without an increase or decrease, and also to ensure that all the standards that have been through the selection of the service to be clear and consistent and will not change.

What sets us apart from others that we are always ready to meet all your needs of inspection services and engineering consulting, and also provide added services and support to Main service, which correspond to and complement the customer’s need.